Monday, 29 March 2010

Come Gin With Me

Feeling a bit 70s this week. Not in our seventies, as though we ladies are ageing we still have the occasional delight of being asked for our identification when buying gin. It really is the elixir of youth. Under no circumstances tell anyone we have perfected a shifty walk and lack of eye contact as we approach the till.

So in fact back to the 1970s for us. We swung by Trailer Happiness on Thursday for a delicious gin and champagne cocktail amongst nests of tables and graphic printed curtains, but it was Saturday night when we truly went retro.

An Abigail's Party themed dinner. Jumpsuits donned, hair flicked, blue eye shadow applied we hot footed it Kensington way for a supper that began with the Queen Mum's favourite and 70's classic Gin and Dubonnet which our hosts mixed with a dash of bitter lemon. Apparently bitter lemon the mixer of favour in the late 60's early 70's favourite is becoming harder to find, patronise it now before it is too late!

The G&B was accompanied by a delightful array of suburban snacks; a foil hedgehog with cheese and pineapple, twiglets and oh so sophisticated pimento olives in a bowl. Our hosts were most certainly folks of a certain class! We sat down for dinner with a range of Afro wearing gents; sorry boys the question on everyone's lips was were they were more Jackson 5 or Kevin Keegan? Dinner consisted of a melon boat starter, paella, creme caramel and a soundtrack worthy of Studio 54 lit by a lava lamp. A 2am cab ride home, the score was a reassuring 9/10.

When it is our turn to host we're wondering if we can get away without serving food at all.


  1. 9/10 - high score! or do you mean just high?!

  2. Captain Stardust4/23/2010 5:10 am

    Come on girls. Let's have some more blogs!!!

  3. ditto...bit quite around here the past few weeks! :)