Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Does my Bombay Sapphire look big in this?

Another schizophrenic week for the Ladies of the Lane, as we lord it about London in our various guises.  Last week saw us embracing world-class design - it was London Design Festival after all - at the Bombay Sapphire Designer Glass competition awards.  Gin and culture are two of our favourite things, and when the two combine, quite frankly we don't know what to do with ourselves.

It got too much for one of the Ladies, who packed her bags and jetted off to Roma.  Yours truly, however, managed to keep composed long enough to toddle on down to The Blue Rooms to take a peek at the short-listed designs and research (ahem) some cocktails.

The venue is a portion of the vast underbelly of Vinopolis on Stoney Street, bathed in that unmistakable sapphire blue.  Hypnotically so.  Ten minutes in and I began to wonder if I had missed the memo, and I should in fact have worn something a little more on-brand.  Not letting this minor outfit mishap faze me, I systematically worked through all four of the delicious Bombay Sapphire cocktails on offer (most notably an excellent Sapphire Collins, and a 'Vine'), before the clock struck nine and my (tube) carriage awaited me.

The prestigious award went to German designer Bruno Everling, and his mesmerising 'Liquid Sapphire' glass.  And deservedly so - we'd be more than happy to sip our Bombay Sapphire from such a thing of beauty.  Or, you know, a plastic cup.  As long as it holds gin, really.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Masks obligatory, clothes optional, Hendrick's essential

Burlesque, bondage, feathers, cross-dressing, glory holes, taxidermy, cucumbers and cheeseboards - words not commonly associated with a Saturday night in the Square Mile.  Thankfully the only cucumbers were in our Hendrick's and tonics, but the rest were in abundance, as was the gin, at the Hendrick's September Masked Ball at Stonehorse Paper Cow.

Thrown by The Last Tuesday Society, which is headed up by the mysterious masters of the ball Viktor Wynd and Suzette Field, we partied alongside a curious demographic of bemasked Londoners from the sublime to the ridiculous.  Flapper girls and tweed-suited horses, 7-foot-tall ladies and semi-naked gentlemen alike made their way to the Bishopsgate venue to show off their skills, mask-making or otherwise.

The Ladies took it all in their stride - debauchery is a theme not uncommon in our world.  Nonetheless, ladies we are, so we stuck to the G&Ts, set about demolishing the cheeseboard in earnest, and at the end of the night walked (ok, maybe staggered a little) away with our dignity and clothing intact.  Although, a vague memory lingers of a potentially embarassing mise en scene involving a stuffed cheetah, an Italian male model and a bunch of grapes that we'd really rather forget.  Good job we purchased the jpegs, huh?

Saturday, 12 September 2009

From Dusk ‘til Dawn (well, quite late, for a school night)…

The Ladies of the Lane spent a most enjoyable evening of gin based debauchery at Bombay Sapphire’s Dusk Bar, Somerset House this week. Though a tad dubious at the prospect of being taught about drinking gin (which has always come naturally I must say), I was pleasantly persuaded by the first cocktail of the evening – a Collins. Followed swiftly by a dry Martini or three, mixed by the Ladies themselves (taught by the VERY entertaining barman Sam), and then a Cinnamon Swirl to finish. 

No less than five gin cocktails, snacks to soak up a little booze and a party bag full of beautiful blue cocktail tat is well worth an investment of just twenty English pounds to my mind, not to mention the large bottle of (yes, you've guessed it) Bombay Sapphire we won in the competition.

We probably didn’t need the last two cocktails of the evening but what the hey, we weren’t counting. And it seemed rude not to quite frankly.