Saturday, 1 May 2010

A Broadcast on behalf of the Gin Party

Transparent expenses from the Gin Party

So over the last couple of weeks we've been hearing about all these parties and wondered why no one had invited us! We love parties! How dare they? Then we realised - we don't need them - we'll have our own!

Anyway this is our party broadcast. We think there might be a word missing from that statement but we're too drunk to know or care.

We say vote Gin Party. Yes, we hear you, oh cynical voters. You're thinking you haven't heard from the Gin Lane Ladies for a while. You'd be right. We were undercover. We were, you know, trying to be more like politicians. You don't hear from them and then a week before the election they start bombarding you with leaflets and promises. So here we are.

Our policies? Um. Drink gin. Um, that's it. We'll worry about the small stuff like the economy once you vote us in. We love a live debate though and promise to turn our mikes off when we slag off vodka. And the drinking in canvassing in pubs and bars has begun in earnest. Oh and if there happened to be a hung parliament we might align ourselves with Churchill pre 1924 as he liked a Martini or two. Then again we might not. Never discuss politics we say. But if you did want to vote for your favourite gin below why not?

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