Friday, 4 December 2009

Streamlining in high spirits

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Fresh from our travels we Ladies have proven that we will happily travel great distances, to the other side of the world and back if need be, in search of a fine gin. That said, we of course welcome the prospect of a shorter commute, and when we were kindly invited along to Bibulous last week we were delighted at the prospect of stomping the sodden streets of SE1 with one of our chums from the CultureLabel gang... a little closer to home than Gin Gin.

Sponsored by The Drinks Shop, billed as ‘The Drinks Experience’ and held within one of the spaces of the sprawling Vinopolis, Bibulous was a pop-up paradise of alcoholic delight. Without teetering more than 10 metres in any one direction we were afforded the luxury of sampling exceptional wines, whiskeys, rums, vodkas and tequilas alike. The clear highlight of course was the Gin Tasting Masterclass held by the Grande Dame of gin, and the lady behind the exceptional Gin Time, Geraldine Coates.

In the spirit of streamlining one’s activities, The Drink Shop and CultureLabel will be the only places we venture this side of Christmas. The Drink Shop stocks a mouth-watering array of gins (yes yes, and other spirits, but with 71 gins on offer who needs anything else?!), and why mix with the riff-raff on Oxford Street when you can purchase the most cultural of gifts at the click of a button on CultureLabel?

All that’s left to do now is to sit back with a cold Martini and bask in the warm glow of our own virtuousness. It is ruddy cold out there after all.

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