Monday, 30 November 2009

Gin Leave

Feeling confident after our surprise Australian gin discovery, we used our best research techniques and typed the words 'gin' and 'Sydney' into Google.  You know, just to see what would happen.  The result was far better than expected.  While there is no bar in London (as far as we know) that is proud enough to call itself a gin bar, in Sydney we stumbled off the flight and straight into the Gin Garden.  A veritable oasis with tall bamboos, exposed bricks, classical columns and, what's this?  The Australian Bombay Sapphire Design Discovery Awards entries displayed around the bar.  Bombay Sapphire, we simply must stop bumping into each other like this, people will think there is something going on!

We pride ourselves on our noses for gin, and we're pretty good at sniffing out a party too - we'd turned up on the evening of the awards dinner where the winner was being announced by Maarten Baas.  By this point my companion had retired to bed... a lady alone in a gin bar?  There was only one thing for it.

First step was to meet the utterly charming barman Pete.  This is also getting slightly absurd, are 9 out of 10 barmen who prefer gin called Pete?  He proved knowledgeable, a dab hand with a cocktail shaker, and we kicked off with a Gimlet to break the ice.  Pete's favourite cocktail is the Martini, but rather enjoys making the 'Aviation' and his favourite gin is Martin Millers.

This lady returned to a table with a good view of the design and was soon joined by a small group of Aussies, including one lady whose Surrey accent returned on speaking to another Pom, a producer chap, and a lady who I was reliably informed used to be the stunt double for Xena Warrior Princess...

I digress.. The winner was announced shortly after - Peppered Sunlight by Rohan Nicol.  To celebrate, a Blush was demolished, then a Tom Collins and then this lady was forced to wend her way home via a certain takeaway which put the kybosh on her original plan to have a late night sophisticated Collins Clover cocktail in Zeta Bar, who serve speciality vintage cocktails in vintage glassware!  We also love the sound of their vintage cocktail nights and their Heston-inspired experimental cocktails

Next time, next time...


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    best wishes
    Ian Hart

  2. hi! do drop us a mail - ginlanebar [at]

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