Sunday, 10 October 2010

Art appreciation

It's October again, a particularly arty time of year - you'll remember artache from last year; this year different boy, same issues. Getting boys trashed on gin every time you see them doesn't work apparently...

Anyway we'll be propping up the bar pausing to stare meaningfully* at artworks at Frieze on Wednesday, but at least one day this week we suggest forgoing Frieze for Sunday Fair where artists will be producing limited edition cocktails for a mere £50. Cocktails are now artworks. 'We're not hungover, we just bought too much art last night.'

Speaking of art buying, we Gin Lane Ladies don't know much about art but we know what we like. At the launch last week of an online art store there was something about this print that caught our eye.

Art is very subjective and we don't want to force our interpretation on you, as everyone gets a different meaning from art, but something about the juxtaposition of lettering just feels like there is a depth, a 'call to action' if you will.

See you on the other side of Frieze Art Fair, not to mention London Cocktail Week. If you see us at the bar the next round of art is on us.

*We would suggest around 3.40 minutes as the optimum amount of time in front of an artwork to suggest to those around you that you have both fully appreciated and understood it.


  1. Gin Lane ladies, where have you gone? Had a Bloody Margaret the other day - would recommend, especially with a fish finger sarnie.

  2. Dear Gin Lane,

    We would like to invite you to an exclusive Gin launch tomorrow night! If you are interested please conact me on