Sunday, 28 February 2010

A rather rum party

Hello Sailor! No not that one.... Sailor Jerry of course. Thanks to an invitation from Madame Frou-Frou, the blonde half of DJ duo Hell Kittie Kittie Gin Lane was once again caught up in the world of rum. We see no harm in occasionally mixing our drinks after all. The occasion was the relaunch of Sailor Jerry rum as a cocktail mixer; we danced to the Paris Riots in the City Arts & Music Project whilst working our way through endless rum cocktails served up in jam jars. We always wondered why Granny insisted on keeping so many. Now we know. She predicted there'd be growing market of East London bars bored of traditional glassware. Good on you Granny.

We digress. What did we drink you ask? The classic Jerry and Ginger was followed by Death or Glory (no glory holes tonight thank the lord) and Vanilla Mojitos. The only near gin experience came when a Very Drunk Young Man asked this lady to name her favourite drink. After shouting GIN at him several times it became clear he a) wanted to buy her a drink in a free bar situation b) Alcohol in excess had apparently rendered him deaf and c) he was probably a bit of an idiot. The trays of drinks kept coming and for a Tuesday it all got a bit much. I woke up to a tattoo of an anchor on my arm. A transfer. Rock and roll.

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  1. And I have a bruise on my arse the size of Texas, so it must've been a good night. - Madame Frou-Frou x