Friday, 23 October 2009

Artache at the Art Fairs

That Liara, she’s a right bitch. She stole the summer romance sailor man from the arms of one of the Ladies, and appears not to be returning him any time soon. It has been a week of quite considerable heartache for the Ladies. We’ve already lost warm evenings, al fresco drinking and skirts with no tights. Losing the sailor was the last straw. Add the booziest week in the London art calendar, a fistful of private view invites and a voracious appetite for alcohol to this melancholy mix and it should be quite apparent why we’ve only risen from the fug a week later.

Of course, there are many fine reviews available for your consumption, whether Zoo does it for you or it’s Frieze that floats your boat (sob). Art is all fine and lovely, but what could we drink? Not gin, apparently.

At Frieze we got ourselves into an awful lot of trouble consuming approximately 47 Makers Mark cocktails between three of us. One Lady needed convincing that casual glassware theft would not be the best idea of the evening, while another perfected her stumbling technique with new addition of the ’100 meter shoe fling’. The Whitechapel Gallery was all Tovaritch Vodka cocktails, then at Zoo we hung out in a super cool way with our super cool artist friend Jason Wallis-Johnson and quaffed Perrier-Jouët Champagne. By this point more than 48 hours had passed by without so much as a sniff of mother’s ruin, so we were forced to visit the bar and BUY (imagine!) a few G&Ts to ease the pain.

Gin brands, where are you all? Save us from this whiskey and vodka absurdity!

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