Monday, 24 August 2009

Strong or not-too-strong? That is the question.

I'm writing from the beautiful Cretan town of Hania, or Χανιά to be precise. This, apparently, roughly translates as 'free-pour' in English, and today I was presented with the strongest gin and tonic I have ever experienced.

Naturally, my eyes lit up upon realising that the barman practically had time to smoke the majority of his cigarette before returning the humble bottle of Gordon's to its vertical home. However, on first sip, I must admit that a strong G&T does not make for a good G&T. The pleasure of a good G&T lies mainly in its drinkability. A single shot, a small bottle of tonic (not slimline, don't be silly) and a good chunk of lime - maybe lemon - is all that is necessary for the creation of this much loved drink. If this divine ratio is tipped off balance, the drink is ruined.

As was I. Gin-zilla lasted a staggering 45 minutes before a particularly flamboyant episode of gesticulation on my part sent the glass, and its contents, to an early grave. Thank goodness. Beware the quadruple G&T!

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